Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 30, 2011 - Memorial Day Fly-Over with So Much to See...

Finally, a gem of a day for a fly-over. I was surprised there were not more cars in the lot, and only about five buses were present. Though I guess backyard cook-outs were favored over attending the park and riding coasters during this Memorial Day 2011....Regardless, I have a smorgasbord of NOT hamburgers or hot dogs, but Aerial Views of Great Adventure sure to please. I hope you enjoy !!!

Overall view of Great Adventure, Hurricane Harbor, Switlik/Prospertown Lake and part of the Safari:

Same view though with Hurricane Harbor and the Safari out of the picture:

Nitro's track snaking through the Jackson woods:

One of Nitro's trains climbing the lift hill...:

...And just about to crest (I love this view of the drop):

Looking north from atop the lake:

This area is soon to be the newly expanded Safari Discoveries (formerly Balin's Jungleland):

The classic Saw Mill Log Flume (that is one long and enjoyable ride through the woods):

The FIRST coaster at the park....The Runaway Mine Train:

Bizarro coaster in blue/purple drab:

El Toro wooden coaster, with the twister section deep within Rolling Thunders infield:

One of El Toro's trains about to plunge towards the ground at a whopping 76 degree angle:

Looking southwest at Bizarro, Runaway Mine Train, Sawmill Log Flume, El Toro, Rolling Thunder, Kingda Ka, The Green Lantern and part of Superman Ultimate Flight:

Hurricane Harbor water park was packed today:

And from what I could tell, most everyone was congregated in the Wave Pool:

Here's a view of the Safari snaking south and west into the Jackson woods:

Like I said, not too many cars or buses:

For The Green Lantern stand-up coaster Aerial Photos, please check-out my BLOG entry HERE dedicated to Great Adventure's newest coaster. I wanted to keep these photos separate (other than some overall views) from this Fly-Over because I feel this newest coaster deserves a BLOG entry of its own....

Thanks for Looking

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  1. The two pictures of nitro's train are a scavenger hunt. Can you find B&R The Chiller's Entrance Sign? Or a Movietown Water Effect Boat?