Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14, 2010 - Site Preparation for the Green Lantern Coaster is well underway...

The site preparation for the Green Lantern stand-up coaster looks to be progressing nicely. I flew (2) CCW circles around the park, shooting more detailed photos on the second pass. Enjoy !!!

I thought that Kingda Ka, Rolling Thunder and El Toro looked good in one shot; And notice Runaway Mine Train on the right and how it hides amongst it's newer neighbors:

Again, Rolling Thunder and El Toro look neat with the low sun and the shadows it produces:

An overall view of the park looking northwest:

I hope you've enjoyed the flight over our beloved Great Adventure and it's newest Coaster attraction for 2011. Stay tuned for another exciting Green Lantern / Off-Season Construction Update come December (of course, as always, weather permitting)....

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