Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 26, 2010 - Land cleared for the NEW Green Lantern Coaster + Other views...

Park entrance and fountain with the Green Lantern's future location (upper right):

Park entrance and fountain:

Superman: Ultimate Flight and Green Lantern's future location:

Track and supports are beginning to arrive for Green Lantern:

Not many track pieces at the moment:

El Toro, Rolling Thunder, Kingda Ka and the future Green Lantern coasters:

Classic shot of El Toro coaster with its faded wooden structure:

Kingda Ka's station:

Balin's Jungleland and the Temple of the Tigers:

Kingda Ka's spike protruding over 400 feet in the air:

The NEW Tornado water slide at Hurricane Harbor water park, adjacent to Great Adventure theme park:

And finally, let's take a look at Great Adventure's "Bone Yard" (see how many "pieces" of rides and attractions from yesteryear you can spot):

I hope you all enjoyed our beloved Great Adventure from above and continue to join me on my next park fly-over.

I plan on photographing (weather & conditions permitting, of course) the construction of Green Lantern in the coming months, and will post ALL updates to this BLOG.

Thanks for flying along !!!